The State of Virtual Reality

Go where you want to go.

As virtual technologies move to the forefront of our digital landscape it’s difficult to keep up with pace of change. From animated VR gaming to 3D films, spherical imaging and 360 video, there’s been an explosive growth in the virtual ecosystem. Gaming technologies have been leading the charge in interactive storytelling and the creation of virtual worlds.

Social VR

Animated virtual worlds like Second Life and The Sims allow players to explore and travel through their fantasy world, meet others, socialize, participate in activities, build, create and shop. Other virtual worlds within the gaming genre are dominated by first person shooter experiences of traveling through various war torn worlds.

360-Photo Virtual Reality

See what you want to see.

Within the realm of image based virtual reality you’ve seen the development of spherical imaging which is usually referred to as 360 photography, 360 video and satellite-based imagery. Recently, the closest we’ve come to the creation of a virtual world is within Google Earth and Street view. While there are a number of privately based VR companies that do 360 photos or 360 videos, the ability to connect disparate spaces is typically done through dissolves and offer limited virtual travel or storytelling capabilities.

Why XplorIt?

Let’s Work Together

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